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Sunday Morning Bible Study Opportunities at FPC:

Join us for donuts and coffee in the Fellowship Hall at 8:45am each Sunday. Then choose a class to visit from the ones below. All of our Sunday Bible Studies are intended to create a strong familiarity of the scriptures while presenting the Bible and the gospel message as one connected theme. Sinners saved by grace, doubters, and skeptics are welcome. Visit several and find the one best for you.

Nursery, Pre-school, Kindergarten, and First & Second Grade are all on the first floor of the Educational/Office Wing.
Room 101: Pre-School & Kindergarten
Room 100: First and Second Grade

Third Grade – Fifth Grade are all on the third level of the Sanctuary Building. Use the north stairs in the hallway behind the sanctuary.  Debbie White is the teacher.

Sixth Grade-Eighth Grade are also on the third level of the Sanctuary Building. Use stairs in the front foyer on the south wall.  Stephanie Turnbow is the leader

Teens and College (Truth Seekers) are on the second floor of the Education/Administrative Building Room 202. The leader is Mark Ballard.

Adult Classes

Cross Trainers/Room 203/ Laura Dawson is the leader: Called Cross Trainers largely because many of them are athletic or outdoor people. For the most part, these folks are 20-40 somethings. Many of them are parents. Some are neither married nor have kids. They are motivated to learn and study the Bible to guide them in Christian living through their work, parenting, social life, and community life. Above all else they are most interested in living by the word of God.

Lion’s Den/Room 204/Walt Freeland is the leader: Named for the painting on the wall in the room. This group is made up of adults with kids still in school, empty nesters, married and single. They love the intellectual and spiritual challenge of studying the Bible. Largely age 40 to 60 somethings.

Stone Catchers/Room 205/Houston Gordon is the leader: We are determined not to throw stones at others, but catch stones thrown at others. This group is made up of people, mostly from 50 somethings to 80+ . This group loves an in-depth study of the Bible. They are full of questions and together search for the answers in the Bible. The central message is salvation through faith by grace in Christ alone.