Annual Membership Review

When someone becomes a Christian, a person who is trusting in Jesus and committing to following Him, they become part of the One, Holy, Universal, and Apostolic church that is spread throughout the world, and across the Centuries. But our membership in this communion of saints is expressed through formal membership among a particular group of professing believers and their children at a specific time and place. As we become part of this fellowship, we make promises to each other: to live as becomes a follower of Christ, to support and participate with the congregation in service and ministry, and to submit to the spiritual oversight of the session. Membership in a church is not signing up with a service club or social organization. Being part of a church is a commitment to share life together as disciples.
A fundamental task of the session is to define our membership by receiving new members, dismissing members to other congregations, and maintaining our membership rolls. The membership rolls are our Active Members (members actively participating in the life of the church’s worship and ministry), Inactive Members (members who have professed faith in Jesus Christ but are no longer regularly worshiping and serving with this congregation), and Baptized Members (children of members who have been baptized but have not professed faith in Christ yet themselves). Our denomination’s constitution requires the session to review these rolls every year in February to examine our ministry to all of our members. If we recognize someone is inactive, we see our need to work towards restoring them to active participation either in our congregation or to another church better able to minister to them. This annual review is also to make sure that our membership rolls are an accurate portrayal of who we are as a congregation. In order to make the best decisions about ministry we need to be honest with ourselves and with the churches we are connected with through our presbytery and General Assembly.
The session has recently reviewed our rolls and have transferred several members from our Active to Inactive Membership Roll. This is NOT removing them from membership, it is recognizing that they have not been actively involved in the life of the congregation. There session will be sending notification to members who have been transferred soon. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please speak to a member of the session or contact the church office.

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